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FOP has featured in a number of documentaries, awareness videos, television shows and news segments over the years.

A big thank you to everyone who shares their story, helping to raise awareness and understanding of FOP.

If you know of any video about FOP that is not listed here, please do let us know so we can add it to our library.

In Pursuit of a Cure: An Introduction to Gene Therapy 

August 2020

In case you missed the webinar, here is a recording which gives an introduction to gene therapy; one of the new ways researchers are approaching the quest to find a treatment and a cure for FOP.

The Balancing Act

August 2020

Professor Richard Keen (RNOH) and Nancy Sando, Michigan USA, talk about FOP and the challenges living with FOP creates.  The segment is sponsored by Keros Pharmaceuticals who are researching into a treatment for FOP.

STOPFOP: Webinar Update

July 2020

The webinar from the STOPFOP team, explaining about the trial, in preparation for its reopening after the delay due to Covid-19 pandemic.

A Message from our Friends

May 2020

A message from some of our doctors, researchers, families, and supporters, in celebration of our community.  We were not able to meet in person for our biennial Conference and Family Gathering in May 2020 due to the Coronovirus pandemic.

Born Different: The Human Statue who’s Turning to Bone 

Janaury 2020

Ashely Kurpiel shares her story and journey with FOP.  She tells a remarkable tale of how she doesn’t let anything stand in her way.

FOP and Me: Oliver’s Story 

December 2019

Listen to Oliver, at just 10 3/4, tell his own story of his journey with FOP and how he lives his life.

The Same but Different

November 2019

Produced by the IFOPA, this is a short animated video which explains FOP to children.  It tells the message of how we are all the same, but different.  It is ideal to share with schools, friends, or other groups of young people, to introduce FOP.

Living Differently

April 2019

BBC3: Carli has a disease that is ‘turning her into stone.’ The incredibly rare condition known as Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) has caused Carli’s muscles, tendons and ligaments to turn to bone, fusing her into a ‘frozen’ position. Carli’s hip has locked, forcing her to stand on one leg. This intimate film shows how Carli battles with intense pain on a daily basis and has already lost significant mobility throughout her body. Despite slowly turning into a human statue, Carli is refusing to let the condition stop her from moving in with her boyfriend and living life to the full whilst she can.

Trailer for the Tin Soldiers Documentary

November 2018

“Robbed of movement as children, but not their courage, their love, their hope …

Tin Soldiers is a film in the making that shines a light on the victims of a debilitating disease, the hunt to find a cure, and the search for those still locked in darkness.”

Tin Soldiers is an independent documentary film that embarks on an unprecedented search for the unidentified victims, as it gives voice to FOP warriors in the telling of their stories ‒ shining a light on a little-known condition in some of the world’s most under-served communities.   The Tin Soldiers project is the brainchild of Amanda Cali and Odette Schwegler.  Learn more about their inspiration and the project here: Tin Soldiers FOP Outreach Program

FOP Awareness Video: Joshua Scoble’s Story


Listen to Joshua’s parents, Stacey and David Scoble, talk about their son’s diagnosis and their family’s journey.  Professor Kaplan also explains FOP.

FOP Friends Conference and Family Gathering 2016 

May 2016

The official video from the UK’s 2nd biennial Conference and Family Gathering in Manchester, England.  Listen to the world’s specialists on FOP talk about the significance of the event for patients and families.  See the families themeselves, meeting with others and building relationships that will offer them the support and friendship they will need as they continue with their journey with FOP.

University of California, San Francisco Genetic Mysteries: FOP – When Bodies Turn to BoneWhat is FOP?

December 2013

Part of the “UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public” series.

Dr. Joseph A. Kitterman, UCSF Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, explores FOP.

What is FOP?

December 2012

Stephen Fry narrates this short cartoon, explaining FOP.

DOCS: The Girl whose Muscles are Turning to Bone 

April 2005

Read Luciana’s story about growing up with FOP.